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Tree Stump Removal

When a tree is removed the tree stump is left just above ground level, the tree stump can be removed using a Stump Grinder. Certain types of trees will try to regrow if the stump is not removed. Additionally, once removed the area can be replanted, turfed or paved over.

Tree stumps are best removed using professional stump Grinding equipment and the right techniques. Grinding creates minimum ground disturbance and is less likely to damage drains and utilities that pass close to the tree stump.

When can a tree stump be removed?

We recommended removing a tree stump immediately after a tree is felled. However, the stump can be removed at any time.

How do you remove a tree stump?

We use a specialist piece of equipment called a Stump Grinder. It removes the stump and major roots to allow the area of land to be used again. The process causes minimal ground disturbance over excavation techniques.

To ensure the whole stump is removed correctly, efficiently and safely, we recommend always calling a qualified professional company.

If you would like to inquire about our tree stump removal services, please call us on 01204 592850 or email us at [email protected].

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