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straight FellingIf you have an unwanted tree in your garden, there are various ways of removing it. Straight felling is the 100% removal of a tree down to ground level by felling a tree as a whole. Tree felling is one of the most dangerous procedure an untrained person can perform, and so is best left to professional arborists. To avoid any damage or destruction, the tree removal will involve leaving the stump as close to the ground as possible.

If you need a tree felled as a whole, we have outlined the process below:

  1. Your tree surgeon assesses the area and establishes any potential hazards surrounding the tree. These can include power lines, buildings or other structures.
  2. Next, the tree surgeon will establish the direction the tree can be felled in. This takes into account the weight of the canopy and the surrounding area that the tree will fall into. Once both of these aspects have been appraised, your tree surgeon with clear the area of any hazards and ensure there is a clear retreat path.
  3. Your tree surgeon will then create a directional cut to ensure the tree falls as planned.
  4. The final back cut is then created to form a directional hinge to allow the tree to fall in a controlled manner.

As professional tree surgeons, we will remove your tree safely. If you have a tree that needs felling, please give us a call on 01204 592850 or email us on  [email protected].

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