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Crown Thinning

crown thinningThere are times when the canopy of the tree becomes too dense and, thereby blocking out the light. This can damage other plants, grassed areas and trees, and also plunge buildings, and gardens into darkness. Crown Thinning is the method of allowing more light through the crown without altering the shape or size as you might with a Crown Reduction. We remove selective branches from within the canopy to allow a balanced amount of light to penetrate through the canopy.

The method for Crown Thinning is the selective removal of branches throughout the canopy. Tree Surgeons will usually set the percentage of how much of the crown will be thinned by. Your Tree Surgeon shouldn’t reduce more than 30% of the crown overall when Crown Thinning the tree.

Your Tree Surgeon will usually proceed by removing dead, dying and crossed branches first and then proceed to select further branches to complete the desired result.

If you need a crown thinning, our surgeons are available to help. Please feel free to call on 01204 592850 or email us on  [email protected].

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