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Crown Reduction

crown reductionEventually the tree’s canopy can grow to a size where they are too large for the area they inhabit. The canopy may need to be reduced to prevent damage to buildings or to clear a roadway or drive.

If you have a tree you believe needs Crown Reducing; our team are here to help.

When it comes to tree reduction, we will assess your tree first before deciding how to proceed. This will be dependent on the tree species, shape, size and condition. Our aim with tree crown reduction is to prune the tree efficiently to maintain an even balance. This ensures that the tree remains in a healthy and safe condition.

Crown reductions are carried out by pruning each individual branch back to a growth point. By doing this it prevents die back on the branch which creates unsightly deadwood. To remove the risk by using lowering ropes and slings where necessary to ensure our safety and to prevent damage to the surrounding area.

We adhere to BS3998 (British Standard) guidelines for tree pruning ensuring your tree is dealt with professionally, and in a manner you can trust. We ensure the tree’s health is not impacted whilst obtaining the desired shape.

If you need a tree Crown Reducing, Please call us on 01204 592850 or email us at [email protected].

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