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Crown Lifting

crown liftingThere are times when trees and their branches grow so much that they decrease the amount of space between ground level and the trees lowest branches. You may be required to duck beneath the branches when you walk under them (and aren’t always successful) This is when you need to crown lift the tree.

Crown lifting is increasing the clearance between the ground level and lower branches. The benefits for crown lifting your tree are:

  • Keeps the branches away from buildings.
  • Keeps the branches away from passing traffic.
  • Creates a higher tree canopy to walk beneath
  • Allows more light to penetrate through the canopy.
  • Can open up a desirable view that may be blocked by the lower branches of the tree.

We inspect the tree to decide which branches need to be pruned or removed to create the desired effect.

It is advisable to find a tree surgeon to conduct the crown lifting, as there is potential damage to the tree that can occur if not done correctly. The main stem of the tree can be damaged if you remove too large a branch and can then cause decay.

If you need a tree, or row of trees crown lifted, Contact us on 01204 592850 or email us on  [email protected] and we can advise on how to proceed.

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